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Note to self: Read fine print on permission slips

I nearly spit out my corn flakes this morning when I heard Mike Rhee's report on the school funding rally taking place at Soldier Field this morning. You see, last week I signed a permission slip for my daughter to go on a "field trip" to Soldier Field for a "rally". I thought at the time: "Its the last week of school, they must be giving the kids a chance to run around on the field, see some Bears memorabilia, and have a 'stay in school', 'drink your milk' kind of pep talk." I happily signed the permission slip with no idea that it was a political rally to persuade state lawmakers to increase funding, and that my daughter would essentially be a prop in the statewide school funding debates. All morning I have been laughing about the situation, but the more I think about it...the more angry I become. Sure, I want better and more equitable funding for public schools. But I also want to know where the money comes from and how it will be distributed before I give any plan my endorsement. But most of all, I'd like a little more information when you're using my kid for political purposes.

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