O’Hare Passengers Concerned About Swine Flu

O’Hare Passengers Concerned About Swine Flu

Travelers at Chicago’s O’Hare airport are taking various precautions Monday in response to the threat of swine flu. The virus originated in Mexico, and at least 40 cases have been confirmed in the U.S.

Nothing appears out of the ordinary at O’Hare. But the spread of swine flu is definitely on travelers’ minds. Ixcoatl Dominguez was seeing a friend off to Mexico. He says she packed some masks for her trip.

DOMINGUEZ: People have to travel, regardless if the virus is around, you know? We can’t do anything about it, just take some precaution.

Edna Fry also wasn’t canceling her trip to the Cancun area.

FRY: Well, we brought Tamiflu with us, so, it’s just a precaution. So we thought we’d be OK.

A spokesperson for Chicago’s Department of Aviation says dozens of flights to and from Mexico go through O’Hare every day. She says airport employees are not taking any special precautions for now.