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Pitchfork: Please stop with the kick-drum!

We made it through security and we are live at Pitchfork! It's hard to describe where the press tent is. You know where the basketball hoops are on Ogden? We're right under them. I think I might do a bit tomorrow where I show up to the press tent with basketball gear, all ticked off. If I were a kid in this neighborhood, I would really question what my taxpayer money is going to. We went through the press check-in pretty quick, and got a VIP wrist band. What does that get us? Apparently, free beer. I won't partake in the beer because that's against the blog policy...that I just made up. Looking around the tent, I'm definitely in the minority. Man, I wished we could have drank at the DNC/RNC. So much more fun to interview Judy Baar Topinka or Emil Jones after a few free Goose Island. The press tent is tucked away in the corner. Nobody is here. I don't see Greg Kot anywhere. Nor anyone from Spin or Rolling Stone. But there are a lot of Macs and pizza boxes. Here is the best part of the tent: There is some promotional table that is right next door that is trying to set some world record for drumming. I think it's specifically how many kick drum hits in 10 seconds. They have set up a drum set and any warm body can get on and bang away for 10 seconds. I don't know if I ca...STOP DRUMMING!!!!! Yo La Tengo is up next. I think Tortoise might be over. I have a feeling my access to the main bands may be limited. But if I want access to kids in gray jeans....

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