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Police endure abuse from NATO protesters

Chicago police officers are likely in for more abuse Sunday as the largest anti-NATO protest is scheduled for this afternoon.

Saturday's protest meandered around the Loop, largely unimpeded by police. Some protesters marched peacefully and discussed a wide range of issues, but others seemed intent on simply insulting police.

One man shouted to Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy that he should commit suicide.

Another woman yelled from the sidewalk at rows of officers who grimaced as they walked north on Michigan Ave., near Congress Pkwy., after most of the protesters had moved on.

“How's it feel to be a class traitor you f------ piece of s---?  F--- you!" she shouted.

She also yelled that she had a message from Fred Hampton, the Black Panther leader who was shot and killed by authorities in 1969. She said, “Hey Fred Hampton called from beyond the grave. He said you’re a piece of sh-- and you should die!”

Her comments got the attention of a Chicago resident standing nearby who was surprised that she was blaming the cops running down the street for a murder that took place 40 years ago.  Jake didn’t want to give his full name, but said he was bored by the reasons protesters were giving for their actions.

“I was expecting to like meet somebody who had an educated opinion about it who wasn't too angry,” said Jake.

At the end of the night Superintendent McCarthy said police had facilitated a lot of marching Saturday and made around only 18 arrests.

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