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POLL: Chi-cahhh-go or Chi-cawww-go?

After three years in Chicago, I feel like I'm starting to understand the local ways. Then comes this message from WBEZ listener Terry O.:
"I see from your bio that you're from Minnesota. Great state, love Minneapolis. Now that you're in Chicago, I think you need to know how to pronounce the city's name. Okay, you go to the doctor, he gets out a tongue depressor and says: "ËœSay Ahhhhh.' Now you see a cute baby who smiles at you and you say: "ËœAwwwww.' The latter is the proper way to say Chi-cawww-go. You're saying Chi-cahhhh-go (incorrect). Although no orator, Richie Daley pronounces it correctly."
Terry sounds like he knows what he's talking about. But before I start emulating Mayor Daley, I'd like to hear what our blog visitors think. Before voting, listen to my pronunciation and the mayor's: [AUDIO GOES HERE] [poll ID="48"]

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