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Putin's Labyrinth: What Russia Won in Georgia; Why the U.S. Will Continue to Lose

Russia is once again front and center in the wake of its invasion of Georgia and effective re-assertion of dominance in the Caucasus region. What levers can the U.S. and Europe assert against Putin's aggression? What is Russia's political calculus and how can we change the inputs into their equation? Are there key insights into the Chechen wars and Putin's post-presidency plans that can help us visualize the future? BusinessWeek foreign affairs correspondent and author Steve LeVine discusses Russia's objectives, advantages and vulnerabilities in Georgia and the Caucasus region in the wake of the recent clash in Georgia.

(c) 2008 - University of Chicago. The World Beyond the Headlines series is a collaborative project of the Center for International Studies, the International House Global Voices Program, the Seminary Co-op Bookstores and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Its aim is to bring scholars and journalists together to consider major international issues and how they are covered in the media.


Recorded Wednesday, October 22, 2008 at University of Chicago.

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