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Jim DeRogatis

Rahm breaks from tormenting teachers to plug his satirist

Sinker with Emanuel (Photo via @JohnFritchey)
Once again netting the sort of publicity that money just can’t buy, former Punk Planet editor and Columbia College journalism instructor Dan Sinker launched The F***ing Epic Twitter Quest of @MayorEmanuel, the cash-in book compiling his satirical Tweets during the recent mayoral campaign, with a celebration at the Hideout Monday night that’s already garnering tons of attention on the Web.

But in some corners, Jeff Tweedy turning out to sing a Black Eyed Peas song (as predicted in Sinker’s Tweets) while the new mayor pats Sinker on the back just doesn’t seem so cute, hip, or funny.

“He’s screwing teachers and laying off homeless outreach workers and trying to privatize everything that's not nailed down, and it’s OUR PEOPLE laughing it up,” wrote a politically active friend of mine who agreed with my criticisms that Sinker’s Twitter stunt, for all its yucks, sugar-coated myriad vitally important issues during the campaign while making the frontrunner (now mayor) seem foul-mouthed but ultimately lovable and benign—and to hell with reporting complicated stories or dealing with any of those unpalatable problems.

“Tonight’s gonna be a good night,” Tweedy sings. And all of those Chicago teachers, sanitation workers, police officers, and other hard-working employees surely agree and thank Mayor Emanuel at every turn, don’t you think?

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