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Recipes for Thanksgiving Success

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Cooking up dinner for a finicky family? Loathing the passive microagressions bound to fly across the table? Well this list is for you; the cynic that wishes they were the White House's pardoned turkey; the one that needs help avoiding ignition of a combustive crowd (again). Click around for ways to be thankful through the drama ...or whatever. 
How To Survive... And Maybe Even Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner (iStockphoto)
Gratitude Is Good For The Soul And Helps The Heart, Too (Todd Davidson/Illustration Works/Corbis)
Addressing Sensitive Topics with Family Over Thanksgiving Dinner (Flickr/Mr.TinDC)

How To Dodge Political Squabble This Gobble Day (Flickr/Mr.TinDC)

How To Talk To Kids About Thanksgiving (LA Johnson/NPR)
The Pitfalls of Politics At Holiday Dinner -- And How to Handle Them (/Didriks)

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