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Save Circuit City! Never mind.

I hope we aren't in for a slow news day. The top stories are more rain and a woman named Marijuana Pepsi Jackson. Both papers love that story. What a funny name! THE CHILIs of ELECTRONICS Circuit City closed its doors after 60 years in business. It is horrible that a business that employed 34,000 people is gone. But 60 years? I don't remember Circuit City being around for 60 years. I always thought Circuit City was part of Montgomery Ward, but Wikipedia tells me I'm wrong. So here's my question - does Circuit City have rabid loyal customers like a Marshall Field's? Or was Circuit City just the red Best Buy? QUICK, NAME 2 BLUE DEMONS! With all the talk of the Northwestern Wildcats on the bubble for the tournament, people are overlooking the big story in Chicago sports. Depaul basketball is the pits. The Blue Demons used to keep Chicago on the map come tourney-time. I grew up loving the Blue Demons with Rod Strickland, Dallas Comegys, Terrance Green, Stanley Brunley, David Booth and Kevin Edwards. If you can name any more Blue Demons, I insist. This weekend, DePaul finished their Big East season without a win. Not one win in the conference. 0-18. What has happened to the mighty, once-proud basketball heritage? Will the new-look Demons make us forget about the glory days of Ray Meyer? Is basketball dead on the north side? I hope not. (doing my best Trump impression) "Jerry...I hate to do this to're fired. Leave Webster and Sheffield now." WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING Hey, Chicago Public Radio is up over 3,000 followers on Twitter. Hooray! Ok, big day today. Let's get this week started.

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