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Scott Lee Cohen walks off the stage during a presser on Navy Pier cruise ship. No word if he swam to shore.

Top story:‚  President Obama's back, baby! For three hours. So, sorry hot restaurants, he won't be dining with you. Sorry sports organizations, he won't be attending your home-opener. Sorry political candidates, he won't be stumping...oh wait...sorry, he will be stumping. Lightning-stumping - shaking hands for 1/4th the time he usually would.
B story:‚  A bizarre scene played out on the Odyssey cruise ship yesterday when gubernatorial candidate Scott Lee Cohen held a press conference to release his jobs plans for the state. He is calling it "All Hands On Deck", hence the Odyssey. I guess reporters were asking about some of the finer points and the short-term fixes when SLC got angry and abruptly walked off. But the best part? He couldn't leave. He was on a ship. So he just walked to the back of the dance floor. He was coaxed back by his staff to finish the press conference. When I heard this story, I was hoping that it ended with Cohen jumping through a window and swimming back to shore. Still,‚  you can't miss the irony of Cohen not wanting to be one of the hands on the deck. C story:‚  Eight Forty Eight profiled the Chicago band Cap'n Jazz today. They cut out some stuff for the broadcast that Andrew Gill grabbed for the WBEZ Music page. Essentially, lead singer Tim Kinsella took a bunch of mushrooms to write their first CD, "Shmap'n Shmazz." So there ya go. Weather: Bright sun advisory. Sports: Well, that was quick. The Blackhawks are no longer on vacation with the cup. The NHL season begins tonight and the Blackhawks are on the road in Colorado. They come home on Saturday for their home opener on against the Red Wings. All the papers are rollin' out previews for the season today and most writers are talking up the Vancouver Canucks as the team to beat. Wow, for the first time in probably my life, I know who is a good hockey team before the season starts. Go Hawks. Kicker: Alec Baldwin wants you to (not) pledge your support for public radio.

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