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Sound bite of the day: Ozzie Guillen improvises new Sox commercial (and it's awesome)


Ozzie Guillen makes a commercial. He has his holiday sweater. He has a bobblehead in his hand. He wants to sell you a 13-game plan. Instead of going with the staied, conservative "scripted" commercial that Ozzie rarely nails, they let him improvise. And in that improvisation, he blows kisses, lifts his shirt, tweaks his nipple and swears like a sailor. It's an instant holiday classic and today's Sound Bite of the Day. Let's call this one Best Sound/Picture Bite/Commercial of the day/ever.

Click here to watch on They don't let you embed. Memo to MLB: Why not let you embed? It's a commercial, for gosh sakes. The point is to get it as far and wide as possible. (hat tip to Mr. Andrew Gill on this one). 

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