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Sound bite of the day: Quinn says opponents plans are more suitable for planet Mongo

Governor Quinn said his opponent's platforms and budgets are more suitable for the planet Mongo, than the state of Illinois. 100120 bite of the day I'm thinking...I know Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, but I don't know Mongo. Ah, to the internet! From Wikipedia:
Mongo is a fictional planet where the comic strip (and later movie serials) of Flash Gordon take place. It is ruled by a usurper named Ming the Merciless, who governs with an iron hand. Mongo is inhabited by different cultures. Some are technologically advanced, but they are falling under the domination of the tyrant Ming. Flash Gordon succeeds in unifying them against Ming, eventually removing him from power.
Oh! It's from Flash Gordon!!! Now I get it! Thanks Governor Quinn for the very current, very with-it cultural reference.

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