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Stat of the week: Jay Cutler was hit more than Matt Forte (and other Bears v. Giants observations)

Might I say this: Last night's game was the worst game in Chicago Bears (modern) history.
Jay Cutler
I'm not just throwing around hyperbole. I believe this game was worse than the Cade McNown years, worse than the Jonathan Quinn era, worse than the Wannsted/Packers debacles. Why? Because it was national and it was incompetence supreme. The Giants sacked the quarterback 10 times. The Bears looked confused. It was like Naperville Central (at home) vs. McCullom Lake middle school.‚  I checked in with some comedy-writer friends in LA, and they indeed confirmed that last night's game was a big joke. Here are some random observations from Bears v. Giants: Bears fans, be prepared for a 3pm CLTV newscast that says "Quarterback Jay Cutler is out for the season." Just prepare yourself, so when it doesn't happen you feel good. To give you a great stat: Matt Forte carried the football 12 times in the game. He also caught two passes. I would guess that most of those carries came in the second half. So it is safe to say that our Quarterback Jay Cutler was hit more than our running back. How is that even possible? That's rough. The NBC crew spent some time on Cutler's difficulties in prime-time night games. Maybe Cutler plays so bad at night because he knows he doesn't have to get up early, and in this case, in New York City. Any Gawker Stalker sightings of Mr. Cutler Sat. night? I haven't read too much on this - but the NBC crew and the local papers seem to focus on the last hit, but I believe Jay Cutler was concussed way before that play. He was holding the ball too long not because he is a bad QB (as Collinsworth suggested), but because he was dealing with the effects of large linemen crushing him on 10-12 different plays. His play towards the end of the half (incompletions included) suggested something was off. Even the the play he was allegedly concussed on, he looked right at the blitzing safety and still turned his head and took the blow. Let's all gather together and hold a vigil. A vigil outside Halas Hall to mourn the loss of Mike Tice's job. It's time to make a move, fellas. I'm not sure what the move is, but the O-Line is in disarray and is the worst line in the history of this team. They can't protect. They can't block. They can't push. They can't coordinate. They can't play. This is ridiculous. The downside of this game: Bears had a national audience. I wonder if you could get these stats from phone companies: My guess is that text messaging is at its height during Sunday football. I probably texted friends 15-20 times during the game last night. I'll bet I'm not alone. Postives: The D played great. They held the Giants to a field goal in the first half and had only given up 10 points by the 4th quarter. If you told me the Giants would score 17 in this game, I would have said the Bears would be 4-0. They did everything they could, even dealing with being on the field all game.‚  The 3 points we did get were because the Bears recovered a Giants fumble. Also, the Bears are 3-1, still in first in the NFC North. Negatives: Greg Olsen. This guy can't block and he can't run routes.

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