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Afternoon Shift

The 3@3: Pot passes committee, FCC review and taunting bus monitors

Today on the 3@3, Chicago Tribune's Kristin McQueary and WBEZ's Mark Bazer talk with host Steve Edwards about the stories of the day.

Which include:

Steve Edwards: SCOTUS ruled today on FCC indecency, citing the laws too vague. And how has the idea of “indecency” on television changed over the years?,0,7017847.story

Mark Bazer: After this awesome “durantula” story, Mark will comment on the ongoing debate (now in City Council) about ticketing for marijuana. Is Chicago serious about this? Or is this just public posturing?

Kristen McQueary: Did you see the video of the school monitor being berated by 12 year olds? Is this how kids have always acted or is this a matter for the police?

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