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The Annoying Music Show has a new home!!!!

You asked for it (did you?). So we came through (did we?). After years and years of negotiation and contract squabbles, the WBEZ-blog has secured the rights to post the Annoying Music Show!!!!!!! Each week, you can come here to listen to the latest episode of Mr. Jim Nayder's brief exploration into the world of annoying music. It airs every Saturday on WBEZ @ 6:59pm. It usually lasts about 3-4 minutes. So it is possible that you may miss it. Well, not anymore! Consider this our gift to you for being such great blog-readers.
(photo of young Rick) We start with Jim's extremely popular pledge drive special! By Jim's count, the Annoying Music raised over $8-million. Our accounting office is verifying that number, but we trust him. Without further adeu, here is the first "Annoying Music Show" episode for your consumption. link To quote Jim: "Sweet lord, that's annoying".

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