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The Encyclopedia Show Returns! Series 3, Volume 1: The Periodic Table of Elements

Winner of a 2009 Orgie Theatre Award, The Encyclopedia Show is brought to you from the minds of poets and producers Robbie Q Telfer and Shanny Jean Maney. The Encyclopedia Show showcases visual art, comedy, music and spoken wordon a wide variety of subjects related to a chosen topic. Each month a new topic is picked from the encyclopedia and assignments are sent toa diverse group of writers, artists, poets and performers. This month: The Periodic Table of Elements. 

Featuring (Contributor-Theme): Eboni Hogan (Women of the World Poetry Slam Champion) Dmitri Mendeleyev; Cameron Esposito (standup comic, featured at Just for Laughs Chicago and the Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festivals) Alkali Metals; Molly Meacham(Speak'Easy Ensemble Member and CPS teacher) Carbon; JW Basilo(Individual World Poetry Slam Finalist) Unknown Chemical Properties (Elements 113-118); Ben Clark(book forthcoming from Write Bloody Publishing)The Noble Gasses; Justin Wright (MC Olympics Champion 2010) Krypton; Brooke Lanier (MFA candidate at Tyler School of Art)Hydrogen and Francium; Bill Telfer (Graduate of the Sea Explorers Program) Bucky Balls. Featuring an interview with Sam Kean, author of the New York Times Bestseller The Disappearing Spoon and's Blogging the Periodic Table.

With hosts Robbie Q Telfer (Author of Spiking the Sucker Punch) and Shanny Jean Maney (Author of Our Brave Faces Were Just Smiles); cast regulars: Ian Belknap (Write Club) Fact Checker; Patrick Carberry(Fiction Writer); Tim Stafford (HBO Def Poet); Joel Chmara (HBO Def Poet); Edward Thomas-Herrera (Boy Girl Boy Girl); Lindsay Hunter(Quickies!);Evan Chung (Musician) - House Band Leader "The Encartagans"; and Emily Rose (Poetry Vet and House Manager) as Jilted Emily Rose.

Chicago Slam Works brings together audiences, poets and arts organizations to promote the quality of oral tradition through well-crafted


Recorded Wednesday, September 01, 2010 at Vittum Theater.

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