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The Encyclopedia Show, Series 4, Volume 2: Invasive Species

The Encyclopedia Show is a live variety extravaganza that commissions local and touring artists and experts from many disciplines to use their individual talents to present a different verbal encyclopedia entry each month. The Encyclopedia Show endeavors to build an age-integrated community cultivating accidental knowledge and irreverent lovingkindness. Though the show is accredited by the Institute of Human Knowledge and Hygiene, it is our ongoing mission to chafe against logic and proof, find meaning in obfuscation, and wrest truth from fact once and for all.

October 2011's encyclopedia entry, "Invasive Species," features music, poetry, visual art, and spoken word by: Naomi Ashley & David Kodeski on Cane Toads; Jamila Woods on Zebra Mussels; Anthony Ladson on Wild Monkeys in Silver River State Park in Florida; Abraham Levitan on Kudzu; and Diana Slickman on Panspermia.

Cast regulars include: hosts Robbie Q. Telfer (author of Spiking the Sucker Punch) and Shanny Jean Maney (author of I Love Science!); Ian Belknap (Host of Write Club) as the Fact Checker; Patrick Carberry (fiction writer) as Patrick the Intern; Edward Thomas Herrera (BoyGirlBoyGirl member) as Dr. Armando and Thomas Chihuahua; Joel Chmara (HBO Def Poet), ensemble member; Evan Chung (musician), house bandleader of The Encartagans; Tim Stafford (HBO Def Poet), ensemble member; and Emily Rose (poetry vet and house manager) as Jilted Emily Rose.

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