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The Hello Beautiful! Swan Song

My primary job at the radio station is to edit the web site. But I also had the chance to host Hello Beautiful! once a month for the past year. This month, the show comes to an end. I did my final interview on Sunday. It was with Smoking Popes frontman Josh Caterer. Josh has a great story about starting off playing punk music in Crystal Lake garages to signing with Capitol records. He eventually found religion and left the band in 1999. Now, they are back with a new record. You can listen here for the interview. It turned out great because my editor Nick White took out all the questions and comments that made me sound like I was an out-of-touch 60 year old interviewing the hip kids about their sock hops. Seriously, what happened to me? I used to be street. Now I sound like Larry King if he interviewed Soulja Boy (just imagine). I want to thank Nick for all of his editing help on Hello Beautiful and I also want to thank Matt Cunningham for booking, producing, recording, editing and presenting my work. It's really hard for me to be a part of a show where all they ask of me is to come in and do an interview. I have produced at WBEZ for years (Metropolis, Eight Forty-Eight, Schadenfreude) and that meant all of those duties fell on my shoulders. I appreciate their work and I thank them for the opportunity. And guys - if you have room for one more interview, let's talk to that hip cat Kanye West. I have a feeling we would have a good "rap". What? Is that not street?

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