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The IOC says Chicago didn't get the Olympics because they wanted to go somewhere they've never been. Good info to know...earlier

Top story: I didn't see too much on this story this morning, but an IOC official spoke to the media yesterday on why the Chicago bid failed. She said that some members of the IOC wanted to take the 2016 Olympics to a part of the world they have never been before. Makes sense. But wouldn't this be information they could have shared BEFORE we spent a gazillion dollars? If we were never in the running, why were we in the running. Something stinks. And it's not the beaches in Rio... B story: Cate Cahan's post about Mayor Daley waxing about the lack of anti-war protests in America is picking up steam. Of course, there are three usual comments: 1) Yeah, well I don't want to get arrested by you anymore...2) You only care because your son was called back into action with the Army, and, 3) Your Dad sucked. C story: Lincoln's birthday is today! Last year, we celebrated his 200th birthday. This year? 201! Yea! Last year, we went around the WBEZ offices with a Lincoln top hat and beard and took candid photos. It was a great idea that was then stolen by the Chicago History Museum and plastered on sides of buses. Whatever, you can see Torey Malatia, Steve Edwards, Claude Cunningham and everybody else making a fool of themselves. Ah, thank you for archives! Weather: Where's the snow? Today? Sports: The Big Hurt is in town and rumor has it he is having a press conference at U.S. Cellular today to call it a career. This is a bittersweet day for Sox fans. We love Big Frank. But we hate to see him go. Kicker: Am I reading this correctly? Dave Matthews Band is a finalist for a show at Wrigley Field in September? Are you going to take that? They defecated on your aunt and uncle! Geesh, and now you are going to drop 80 bucks to have them defecate on you with their music? I'm sure there is a law against that.

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