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The Moth StorySlam Chicago continues on

We get a lot of complaints from listeners for not making The Moth Radio Hour a permanent part of our schedule. People- we love the enthusiasm, but it doesn't even exist as a regular show yet! Save the outrage until then! For now you can channel all that excess energy and enthusiasm into the monthly Moth StorySlams at Martyr's. Chicago Public Radio is the media sponsor of these open mic events, and all reports say they've been swarmed. host Brian Babylon hosted last night's event, and had more people sign up to share than there was time. Always giving a voice to the voiceless, Brian recorded a few of the overflow stories for us to share here. (He's also taking calls today at 1pm if you'd like to get in some practice for for next month's StorySlam.) Take it away, Brian.
My favorite story was about a Coke and Smoke Party. Super wild sounding! For sixteen-year-olds, this means Coca-Cola and cigarettes. And for then twelve-year-old little sister Eileen, it meant passing out under the stairs from inhaling too deeply. This is how you smoke one and only one cigarette your whole life. 10AM_Brian_Moth_Eleen's first coke a She fell in love with a magician... a five foot two magician. And when she told him her true feelings, he disappeared. BUT! He reappeared stage left and took her on the Grand Romantic Date where she hurts her leg really bad, and instead of going to a hospital in order to save her pride, they watch a movie and don't even make out. This is the ending to what was probably the best night of her life. 10AM_Brian_Moth_Magic, Love Story, B
If you've got a story to share, do it live on today at 1pm. Call 888.635.1112

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