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The question "Did you offer a payback deal?" is now the norm in IL politics. It's the new "Can you spell your name for me?"

Top story: Isn't it funny that journalists now have to ask the question, "Did you offer a payback deal for Cohen to leave the race?" What a long, strange trip we've been on, Illinois. B story: WBEZ's Chip Mitchell witnessed first-hand (and first-video) the health department's raid on Kitchen Chicago. It's not that their food is bad, it's that the small businesses that work out of the communal kitchen aren't licensed. So what do we do when you aren't licensed? We (in unison) throw the food away!!! Mr. Brown Thumb had a good idea: foodies should rally around this kitchen. I would think this is a job for LTH forum, but someone else will have to post over there because they get pissy every time we post a link... C story: Elizabeth Brackett? See her every night. James Warren? Been there/done that. But who was that shining new face on Chicago Tonight last night? He was fresh. I like fresh. Sign him to a three picture deal! Our Political Reporter Sam Hudzik made his debut appearance on Chicago Tonight last night, talking about what else, but his blog post. Food: I messed up and posted Dolinsky's 'Valentine's Day restaurants that still have tables' story too early. I realized I should have posted it today, which is when I would start thinking about Valentines dinner plans. Because I'm a guy. Weather: I don't own any boots and I left my coat at work. Please be cool today, Chicago weather. Lee Bey thinks weather is pretty. Sports: The White Sox are "unretiring" Luis Aparicio's #11? So Omar Vizquel can have it? This seems like something the Cubs would do. Vizquel, you better be worth it. Kicker: Scotty Iseri, former WBEZ producer, had a great web-series chronicling life at his office job. It went viral. And now, season 3 is happening in Australia. A company paid for Scotty to come work for them so he could continue his show. Wow. I wonder if he has to colate?

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