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THIS JUST IN: The X-Men love This American Life, too!

First Justin Timberlake, now Wolverine and Nightcrawler are going public as listeners of WBEZ's This American Life.‚  Here's the scan to prove it from a sub-story in Nation X #1 called RoadTrip by James Asmus. I'm guessing Nightcrawler was the one who turned the dial to hear the latest from Ira Glass. (Wolverine seems more of a Mastodon fan.) This reminds me of a nightmare I had a couple of months back. I was in the WBEZ City Room and working on story about the X-Men, but Professor X kept wiping my memory with his mutant mind powers. He didn't want me to portray the X-Men negatively. It was -- hands down -- the hardest piece I've ever worked on, all thanks to the professor's pulsing bald head. And that's coming from a reporter who once had to talk about 7 percent property assessment caps in under a minute. UPDATE: Author confirms Nightcrawler turned Wolverine on to This American Life

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