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Touring the "Axis of Evil"

Scott Fisher is an American who teachers and writes in South Korea. He and some friends jumped at the chance to be tourists in North in 2002 and Scott posted pictures on the internet and blogged about his trip.

Since then Scott's been to Iraq and also took a 4 week tour of Iran. We spend the hour today with Scott Fisher talking about his book, Axis of Evil World Tour: An American‘s Travels to Iran, Iraq, and North Korea.

The trip to North Korea was as a tourist to see the Arirang Festival. It's held in a gigantic stadium and volunteers rehearse and hold up cards that make up huge pictures, there's a field full of colorful dancers and so on. North Korea's proud of the spectacular event and has allowed more U.S. visitors in to see the event in recent summers.

Scott Fisher's trip to Iraq was a lot different, his Korean language skills and advanced degrees had led him to government work for a while, and he's now  back in South Korea teaching again.

Like most Americans in Iraq these days, Scott went the hard way.  

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