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Trib reports on Trib HR issues. Is that news? If so, will someone report on people stealing my lunch from the fridge?

Top story: The Chicago Tribune is reporting on HR issues at the Chicago Tribune? I didn't know there was such a market for all-staff e-mails. I have a million from WBEZ that are worth reporting on!‚  Like who stole Jerome McDonnell's lunch out of the fridge? And guys, if you plug up the toilet, tell somebody. Romenesko, you want to pick those up too?
Really, this is a tremendous story. The editorial room and the board room are at serious odds at the Trib and it seems the only way out is for new ownership (or to implode the Tower). The local news has picked up on the story in their 10pm casts and several national media sites have this on their sites this morning. Readers of are not new to this story, because Robert Feder broke it months ago. His continuing narrative on Trib management arguably grabbed the attention of the NY Times, who credited Feder for his work in their big story last week.‚  And now, the Trib all-staff e-mail fiasco is a national story because the Trib media reporter, Phil Rosenthal, broke his own company's story.‚  Because breaking stories online is big business and there is no bigger media biz in Chicago than the Trib. So he stepped up and found the courage to write about his own management.‚  It is sort of like when a politician jumps out and tells everyone he had an affair before the gossip columnist can break it. But Feder is not done. His post today was the best I've read on this subject. For all the whistle-blowers and the editorial purists: What took you so long? B story:‚  What else is going on? Well, Vice President Joe Biden was in town for a ramble-off with Governor Pat Quinn. Biden spoke in the West Loop, supporting Pat Quinn.‚  That's a weird pairing. Republican leaders came out and said that this move (bringing in the VP to stump) was showing desperation. I tend to agree. Bringing the VP to the city that birthed a president doesn't seem to work. I would rather have seen David Axelrod and/or Rahm Emanuel. Those names would probably resonate more with IL Dems. But I guess this is about money and big money people like Biden's teeth.‚  And why Quinn? Debbie Halvorsen, Alexi Giannoulias and Dan Seals seem to be a better fit for Biden. C story:‚  This story kind of just came and went - Alderman Fioretti said he was running for mayor. But his doctor just told him that he has to have his tonsils out. So he will be putting the campaign on the back-burner for now until he recovers. Weather: Wow, is it hot or cold out there? I can't tell. Sports: is reporting that Jay Cutler will start on Sunday. The Bears are supposed to talk about this at the presser today at Halas Hall.‚  Please, I beg of you press corps - someone ask Jay Cutler this question: How many fingers am I holding up?

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