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Trib story: "Marathon cheaters: Why do they do it?" Answer: Because it's hard to run 26 miles.

A quick round-up of today's news. I'm off to tape at Lou Mitchell's for today's Best Game in Town. I am looking forward to the Milk Duds! Listen today at 3:36pm and 5:36pm.
Top story:‚  Marathon cheaters: Why do they do it? Because it turns out running a marathon is hard. I think the question should be "Marathon runners: Why do they do it?" B story: This would be my top story if I were Crain's Chicago Business - but I guess a woman is suing a tattoo parlor because they screwed up a White Sox tattoo on her thigh.‚  How do you screw that up? And why did you get that tattoo? Just stick with the butterfly on the ankle. You can't mess that up. C story: Rev. Wilfredo De Jesƒºs is officially running for mayor. He says it is time to bring people together...except in his clip, he doesn't mention gay people, who he has come out against in the past. So...there's that. D story: You know those very cross-promotey ads on CBS for The Good Wife? The ones where Bill Kurtis & Co. sit around a table and talk about the show? Well, the guy behind those promos got forced out. Weather: Beautiful weekend.‚  I hope it doesn't get too hot for the marathon on Sunday. Sports: The Blackhawks lost their season opener, sending thousands of fans home disappointed that the prospect of an undefeated season is over. Last season is no longer legitimate. The Blackhawks are now back to being losers. Kicker: Beckoning of Lovely!!!! Amy Krouse Rosenthal has over 200 RSVP's for Sunday's event at the Bean. It's 10/10/10 at 10pm.‚  I'll see you there!

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