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Umpire Joe West ejects Ozzie, Buehrle...then records country song about it.

Umpire Joe West is quickly becoming a bigger adversary to the Sox than the Twins. West and Guillen have had a sordid past. Don't get me wrong, West is not as big a thorn-in-Ozzie's side as Phil Cuzzi, but still. Today, West was umpiring first base in the day game against the Sox when he called two balks against starting pitcher Mark Buehrle. After arguing, Guillen was tossed and then Buehrle was tossed. West strikes again!!! So let's honor Country Joe with posting one of his country music hits. A quick google search found that
  • He's president of the World Umpires Association (the umpires' union)
  • He recently blasted the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, calling the AL East rivals "embarrassing" and "a disgrace to baseball" for slowing the pace of their games to a crawl. "It's pathetic and embarrassing. They take too long to play."
  • His nickname is Cowboy Joe
  • He loves country music and has released two country albums, Blue Cowboy and Diamond Dreams, which tells stories about events in baseball
  • He co-wrote and performed a song "A Tribute to Ernie Harwell" for the famous broadcaster
This is that tribute to the late-broadcaster Ernie Harwell. Here ya go Chicago, just so you have a better understanding of who this Joe West really is, for when, you know, Ozzie rips on him.

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