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Video: Studio 312 is now available as a podcast!

Jimmy Carrane and Studio 312 are now available as a podcast. Just sign up and you'll never have to seek out the show ever again. After we shot the above video, Jimmy climbed on my desk and wouldn't leave until I did a 5 question interview with him. So here it is after the jump:

Q1: Who do you hope to reach by podacsting?

A: The troops. I did it for the troops. ( trying to fake cry)

Follow up: what troops?

A: The Troops plural. All the troops around the world who are fighting for freedom, democracy and petroleum products.

Q2: Some people say with the podcast that you could become a bigger jerk than you already are. What's your response to this?

A: Don't listen to everything Jerome McDonald says.... or Steve Edmonds.....or Allison Cuddy....

Listen to the people who matter: the fans. If the listeners say I an jerk then it would be something I'd be worried about. Not if Andrew Gill ask me a baited question that obviously came from management. How does it feel to be someone's puppet?

Follow Up: Recently, you where approached in a restaurant by some fans who found you rude. Do you care to comment?

A: First, get your facts straight - it was Boston Market. Everyone knows Boston Market is not a restaurant.

Another Follow up: What is it?

A: It's a chain. And secondly, a restaurant (as you called it) is a public place and this is not a fair place to be approached by the people. Public places are supposed to be an oasis for us in the public eye. Also, isn't the whole point of going out to eat to be a jerk?‚  You're expected you to be demanding, boss the staff around and take your day out on them. The food is secondary, the right to be a jerk is what you are paying for. If you don't act like a jerk you might as well stay at home and eat. If those alleged fans had approached me at my home when I was eating they would see a whole different side of me. Way to ambush me with that question.

Q3: How is the Studio 312 podcast going to be different than what we hear on 848?

A: They will be slightly longer and have some juicy stuff that may not have made it on 848 because of time. We also have traffic on the sevens and live music guests.

Q4: Recently "Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me!" host Peter Sagal's bike was stolen from the station, some say you might have taken it or that you might know who took it. Is there any truth to this rumor?

A: This is the kind of pettiness that goes on in public radio, when something is stolen they are so quick to come to me or my Uncle and accuse of us taking it. Well, the other part of the story never gets told, and that part is that after speaking to us they seem to get it back fairly quickly.

Q5: What's next for Jimmy Carrane and Studio 312?

A: Hopefully I won't get you in this year's holiday gift exchange. I don't need another calendar.

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