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Video: Wait Wait! Push-Up Club in action

You may recall a little video we posted back in May. That was the first day of the Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! push-up club (you can occasionally find push-up updates on their twitter account). Since then we have been taking 10-15 minutes every other day to do push-ups. Lots and lots of push-ups. It's a full-out gun show in the conference room. Today we're excited that the push-up club actually got some ink in the Tribune. I was disappointed that I wasn't called out by name for my feats, but I guess any press is good press. Andrew Gill put together this great video from the vantage point of Peter Sagal's iPhone. It's fun to see what you look like when the blood rushes to your head. Enjoy! (Ed. Note: the Armbrains! slogan is a reference to the sweatbands that WWDTM producer Ian Chillag had made for the group. Here's Sam Hudzik wearing his while hot on the trail of a political story.)

UPDATE: The term "armbrain" was coined when Alethea Lange tried to explain why she couldn't do a one-armed push-up. She explains it thusly: "When you try to do a one-armed push up, your nervous system won't let your arm bend because it realizes you are going to fall flat on your face even if your brain wants to believe otherwise." In light of this evidence we can only conclude that our armbrains are calling the shots.

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