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Vocalo Daily Snippet: Cotton balls dumped @ Mizzou Black Student Center. So when do we get that post-racial America I hear so much about?

Shantell, a University of Missouri alum, brought us this story on Friday, and Luis interviewed a current Mizzou student that evening. The consensus so far:‚  This has got to be the corniest hate crime ever.
Mizzou Cotton Balls by Katie Currid of Maneater
Less clear is whether it's the stupidest.‚  The campus paper notes that the incident took place on the 48th anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling that desegregated public transportation. Either way, many black students at Mizzou-- who make up about 6 percent of the school's enrollment-- are still pretty upset. The student Luis talked to, Ericka Renee Brown, said that the more subtle, one-on-one, hey-is-this-because-I'm-black encounters are an everyday thing.‚  Here's a recent example. Ericka's thirsty, goes into a campus snack bar, and discovers that she's got no cash.‚  And they don't take debit cards.‚  You be the judge of what happened next: Denied a Cup Bcos I'm black-- Or what Snippets are cut from Vocalo's Daily Thread:‚  Personal, narrative responses to a provocative, topical question.

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