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Vocalo Daily Snippet: I lied, in court, about you molesting our kids. You'll give me $35K to apologize? Sorry, not enough.

And that's not the half of it.‚  In last Friday's Daily Thread, we looked at times where the law allows people to act like jerks-even encourages it. Divorce lawyer Mitch Gordon told MollyMolly some doozies -like the ex-wife who refused to pay a small sum that she knew she owed, just to make her husband chase her for it in court-but this one was the topper: TALK_The 35 Thousand Dollar Apology_MollyMolly with Mitch Gordon_56833_interview_dw_CULTURE, manners, divorce law, Gordon is an attorney Also from Friday's Thread: Doug Wojcieszak's brother died because of medical error.‚  The hospital eventually paid a settlement, but never apologized.‚  Doug founded "Sorry Works" to get hospitals and docs to own up to their mistakes.‚  Because, guess what?‚  They get sued less often that way. Peter Harris reamed out a bank employee over a disputed charge.‚  (OK, so it was 18 cents.‚  And OK, so -technically speaking-it was a legit fee.‚  But that didn't make it right.) And personal-injury lawyer told Luis that he and his colleagues get a bad rap.‚  "They call us ambulance-chasers," he says.‚  There's more to it than that.
Not Sorry by Poldavo (Alex)
Not Sorry by Poldavo (Alex)

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