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Wait, when did Olympic hockey go all NHL?

Top story: I'm guessing Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook aren't coming back to the Blackhawks. I think they are going to spend the rest of their lives in a Canada jail for losing last night (insert funny quip about Canadian jail here).‚  My favorite was watching the post-game show on MSNBC. They went to a reporter outside the arena to find out how Canadians were taking the loss and a bunch of drunk hockey fans were having the time of their young, Canadian lives just screwin' with said reporter. And on a related note, I saw the documentary NBC did on the 1980 USA team. It was so much cooler that they weren't NHL stars when they won. When did that change?‚  I don't know my winter sports, sorry.‚  But I am diggin' the Olympics,‚  just don't show me ice dancing anymore. I can't take it. B story: In a surprise move, a judge has moved up the hearing for the NU students who are being accused of bribing witnesses and coming up with false evidence to get a better grade. It will be interesting to see what happens today. The original date was supposed to be March 10. C story: Jewel-Osco is laying off 110 store managers. That's a bummer. I hope the grocery stores don't go the way of the CTA and start automating all of their in-store pagings. One of my favorite moments of the Chicago grocery store experience is when a manager gets on the loudspeaker to call 'Mike from grocery" about a spill in aisle 14. And it's obvious this isn't the first page, judging by the tone. If that goes automated like the CTA trains and buses? I'll start doing Peapod. D story: Illegal cheese, anyone? David Hammond is going to be on Worldview today talking about it. Weather: Was it awful today? I hate taking the CTA Red Line on snowy days. How about the expressways? And please, don't get me started on the South Shore. But on a serious note, the Trib is reporting that a police officer died after crashing into a tree this morning off of Lake Shore Drive. Think about that when you are cursing the commute. Sports: This is about the time I start getting interested in college basketball. Right? Now you are starting to see who the players are gonna be come March Madness. Kansas and Kentucky look to be the favorites. Big Ten's Purdue and Ohio State (and Mich. St) are pretty good and the Illini are better than expected with an outside shot at the Big Ten crown, although those hopes are fading. All local eyes are on Northwestern, which has a bubble record. They are becoming a story because we found out this year that the Wildcats are the only BCS team in history to NEVER make the tournament. Wow. That's a sucky basketball program. They may have a shot to break it this year, but they made a huge blunder by getting beat (AT HOME) by Big Ten cellar-dwellers Penn St. and they couldn't pull off the upset against Wisconsin.‚  So they practically have to win out and make a splash in the Big Ten Tournament. Kicker: Dog show alert! Dog show alert! The dogs are coming to McCormick place for the International Kennel Club Dog Show 2010.‚  It takes place this weekend. You want hilarity? Watch Triumph at Westminster. Classic Conan. But I realize that I should give dogs some ink since some might think we are pro-cat by our header picture. Not true. Don't listen to the conservative blogs. We are impartial. If you have a WBEZ logo and a dog, take the picture and send it to us and we'll feature it. Heck, it works for WCIU.

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