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We just want experts to think our sports teams are worthy. Is that too much to ask?

Top story: This is news to me - Governor Quinn said that the Illinois legislature will take up the tax increase issue THIS YEAR before election day. Everyone was hedging their bets that the state lawmakers would do something after the election to not give their opponents advantages and taxpayers a reason to vote them out of office. Wait, I read this wrong. This is Quinn saying he "expects" the legislature to take it up before the end of the session. Well, I want a pony and I don't think that's happening anytime soon. B story: I don't know about you and your family, but I rarely take my Dad's car without asking. C story: There is a push to open a Chicago "Literary Hall of Fame." This would be super cool. I know the first round will be Algren, Terkel, etc., but if you get to year 5 and you still need some big names, have you perchance read Ditka's autobiography? You need Ditka to be inducted and he has to do a live reading from the chapter where they beat the Packers. Weather: No volcanic ash. Sports: You know, I would take this Blackhawks team every year. Just the idea that they could win it all. They probably won't, but some insiders and hockey experts have picked them. And if they don't make it, we had that expectation. It really is a Chicago fan's dream. Just to be recognized that you are good enough to win it all. I think that's why I'm not happy about the Bulls. They squeaked in, like a small-market squad. And nobody has them winning two games in this series. Kicker: If you didn't get a chance to see it Friday, check out Bears' Linebacker Lance Briggs teaching me how to tackle, and me telling him why he's wrong.

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