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What? There was a marathon yesterday?

Top story: The marathon is over! Our very own Tony Sarabia and Peter Sagal ran the course yesterday, so congrats to them! I was running parallel for a little bit (in my car). I came up on a stoplight where they had set up a triage of sorts to deal with injured runners. They walked in front of me onto a bus, an ambulance was also trying to squeeze through. I felt like I was too close to a war zone/battlefield. I felt like that little white Renault that was cruising on the desolate highway while we were bombing Baghdad at the beginning of the Iraq war.
B story:‚  Our blogger Amy Krouse Rosenthal put together a 10/10/10 (at 10:10p.m.) event last night at Millennium Park. We had been talking about it for weeks and we had over 200 RSVPs. Vlog brother John Green was in attendance and the nerdfighters followed. I estimate there were 600+ people at the show last night. It was an amazing night under the stars, under the bean, under the lights of the city. I was proud to be there to watch a monumental gathering. C story:‚  From the good idea file, WBEZ's Sam Hudzik watched the Meet the Press Giannoulias/Kirk debate with the third party candidates. So they were able to answer the same questions posed by the Meet the Press host (I call him fake Brokaw). I had a rant on Friday about the debate - so two candidates for the Illinois Senate seat have to fly to D.C. to do a debate? And the rest of the country got to watch the debate live on the show, but here in Chicago - the debate was broadcast later because of the live Chicago marathon. D story: Best Game in Town was live from Lou Mitchell's on W. Jackson Street. You gotta love a heated political discussion at the long tables in the middle. Listen as Giannoulias' policy advisor says that he is not doing a good job of getting his message out to African-Americans.‚  Also, look at my pink shirt and my mic-holding form:
Best Game in Town from Lou Mitchells (W. Jackson Street) in Chicago
Weather: This is Columbus Day weather! Sports: The Bears won. I will have more on that in a second post.‚  The Blackhawks continue their losing ways by taking another loss in overtime. I'm off the bandwagon now. 0-2? No thanks. I'll jump back on in March. Kicker: Banksy does the intro to The Simpsons. He completely skewers the franchise, but good for the franchise to let them do it.

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