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What To Watch For During Indiana’s Primary

During most presidential primaries, Indiana isn’t a part of the must-win math for any candidate. But this year, Indiana’s votes are pivotal.

Here’s a quick look at what’s at stake:

For Republicans
There are 57 GOP delegates at stake. (The statewide winner in Indiana gets 30 delegates, and candidates get three delegates for every congressional district they win.)

If Donald Trump wins all of these delegates, he’s even closer to the 1237 delegates he needs for a legitimate first ballot win at the convention.

For Democrats
There are 92 delegates up for grabs, nine of which are superdelegates. Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have been making campaign stops around the state.

For the “Never Trump” movement
For Texas Senator Ted Cruz, tomorrow is the make-or-break moment of his campaign: A win in Indiana keeps his campaign -- and the Never Trump movement -- alive.

Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich announced last week that they’d be teaming up to ensure a contested convention. Kasich will leave Indiana to Cruz, and Cruz will leave Oregon and New Mexico to Kasich.

Indiana seems to be pretty split between Trump and Cruz. Trump seems to be more popular in Northwest Indiana but Cruz is has support of many evangelical Christian in other parts of the state.

For voters
On both sides, candidates are playing to what the industrial region’s voters want to hear. All candidates have said they’d get tough on companies that pull manufacturing jobs out of the state, and fight Chinese steel dumping. How these promises would play out in practice is hard to predict.

In Northwest Indiana, a region that’s been hit particularly hard by the loss of of manufacturing, polls will close an hour after the rest of the state. And for once, the whole country will be watching closely.

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