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Whew, snark is NOT one of the 20 suspected causes of cancer

Top story:‚  Have you seen our new WBEZ Music site? Just launched this week. It's a site that brings together all the music coverage and live performances WBEZ/Vocalo has to offer. It also will be one of the places you can get extensive Pitchfork coverage. Jim DeRogatis, Andrew Gill, Michael Catano and myself will be down at the Pitchfork Music Festival this weekend documenting the weekend. Check back here tonight, tomorrow and Sunday for the coverage. DeRogatis will be reviewing sets, Andrew and Michael will be recording performances and I'll be mingling with the crowd - giving you the real Pitchfork. If you want sweaty guitar players, I can get you some video of a sweaty guitar player. If you women in bikinis with cowboy boots, I'll get you a couple photos of bikinis and cowboy boots. You want kebobs? I'll get you kebobs. B story: A new report gives us 20 things that might cause cancer. The last element on this list, next to a bunch of chemicals, is "shift work." Shift work? They say exposure to light at night can cause cancer. What? Where have I been on this one? Please tell me snark is not on there. If so, I've got a month, tops. C story: The media really, really wants me to know that the Transformers movie-shoot will be shutting down the Mag Mile today. So what. How many times a day do you spend on Michigan avenue? Maybe if you work on that street, but I assume they will let you on if you work there. Is this strictly for tourists? And if it is, why are the newspapers acting like a sports team won on this news? I've had 4 press releases, 3 links and a bunch of telegrams sent my way alerting me to this. We get it. Optimus Prime likes Pottery Barn. Weather: You know it's not a heat wave...yet. Sports: The Chicago White Sox made it 9 in a row with a win in the first game of their 10 game road trip last night. And against the Twins. Life might be the best it's ever been. Kicker: I want to say I'm sorry to my 3 year old son for skimping on the waffles this morning. But he's at daycare now. I know, I'll call the new apology line!!!

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