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Which headline should I go with: 'Is Facebook Killing Youuuuu?' or 'Michael Jackson Only Dies Once.'

If you want Michael Jackson, NPR has your Michael Jackson coverage. Apparently, they will have his body on site at the star-studded tribute at the Staples Center. We are going to stream the tribute on our site today at noon. FYI, if you want to hear Mariah Carey say something poignant.‚  Also, the Trib is reporting that 50 or so movie theaters will be showing the tribute live. Unfortunately, there are none in Chicago. The closest is Dekalb. But they are adding more, so we'll keep you updated. Is Facebook Killing You? Tonight at 10. The story is about how it is easy for bad guys to figure out your social security number based on your date of birth. Not really about Facebook, but the headline on the Trib site says "Can Facebook reveal your Social Security number?" Open Letter to Sun-Times: Are you a news site or a poker site? The ads today are atrocious. They scare me and think my computer is being attacked. Poor Ryan Freel. What must it feel like to be traded for a player to be named later? That's bottom of the barrel. The Royals also received cash to absorb some of the contract. So not only was Freel traded for nobody, he was also given to the Royals with cash to even out the deal. Ouch. The Daily Herald has a good story about sports camps, the rise in popularity, and the rise in burnout.‚  And if you want something newsier, Hoffman Estates is forced to take over the struggling Sears Centre. Yikes, that can't be good for the ole' Hoffman Estates' pocketbook. Paige Wiser is fuming at a dude named Wes. I put this in because last night, my FB feeds were lit up with hate messages for a guy named Wes. I thought maybe Wes was short for West, and maybe Kanye did something controversial. Nope, Wes is a slimy dude on the Bachelorette. Sometimes, you just need to take the road much traveled.

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