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Will she or won't she: Chelsea the intern watch

If you were listening closely to Hillary Clinton's confirmation hearings this morning, you may have heard John Kerry (the new Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman) welcome Chelsea Clinton to the proceedings along with her mother. Sen. Kerry relayed Hillary's desire to have eye contact with Chelsea and her regret that it was impossible since Chelsea had to sit behind her in the audience. As a solution to this problem Sen. Kerry offered Chelsea a "one-day internship" so she could sit behind the committee members and thus across from her mother. There's no word yet on whether Chelsea will accept this deal, but I would caution her against it for the following reasons: 1. According to the intership guidelines for the Foreign Relations Committee, she needs to write a 300-500 word essay in order to get an internship. Does she really want to miss the beginning of such a momentous day for her mother writing an application essay? 2. All their interns are undergraduates- Chelsea will be the old lady of the bunch. 3. She might have to get coffee/make copies for Senator Jim Webb or Bob Corker. What do you think- is this a smart move for the former first daughter? (Side note: Check out the Foreign Relations Committee website- it's possibly the worst government website I've ever seen. The internship application isn't even on it- they send you to the committee chair's site, which until today was Joe Biden.)

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