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Worldview 7.11.12

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Dead sea lions and pelicans lie on the beach near the Peruvian town of Paracas. (AP Photo/Alejandro Balaguer)

Wednesday on Worldview:

In the recent Libyan elections, voters bucked trends and surprised many Middle East political observers by choosing a secular government. We’ll talk about it all with Ali Ahmida, chair of the political science department at the University of New England. He’s the author of several books, including Forgotten Voices: Power and Agency in Colonial and Postcolonial Libya.

Then, Eight Forty-Eight and Radio M host Tony Sarabia breaks out the musical goodies — including tracks from Atomic Forest, an Indian psychedelic band from the 1970s.

And, earlier this year, 800 dolphins washed up on the shores of northern Peru. A few months later, thousands of pelicans were found dead in the same region. We investigate what might be causing these mass die-offs, including the effect of global warming.

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