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Worldview's Imperialism Quiz: The Answers

This week on the show our focus has been on Legacies of US Empire"¦we've talked about the Philippines, Guam, American Samoa, and Puerto Rico. To listen to any part of the series that you missed,‚  you can find a podcast of the series on our Worldview website. Thanks to all of you who took the Imperialism quiz. We're happy to announce that most of you have your US Colonialist history down pat. Here are the answers to the questions... 1. Which of these countries was a former US colony?

ANSWER: The Philippines

(89% of you got this right!)

2. Which of these colonies did the US get from Spain as a result of the Spanish American war?

ANSWER:‚  All of the above: Puerto Rico, Philippines, Cuba and Guam.

(Few of you guessed that Cuba was once a U.S. colony)

3. Puerto Rico is considered a U.S. ...

ANSWER:‚  Commonwealth.

4. American Samoans are entitled to free and unrestricted entry into the United States and may serve in the US military, but are they allowed to vote in US elections?

ANSWER: Nope, all residents of US territories cannot vote in US elections.

(Ten of you chose the "only if it's a tie" response... :)

5. Take a guess at approximately how many military bases the US has overseas (not including secret installations).

ANSWER: A whopping 850 plus military bases are located outside of the U.S.

(Most of you got this question wrong, in fact the majority guessed that the U.S. had over 1000 bases abroad).

Thanks for participating!

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