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YCA's LTAB University Presents: The Encyclopedia Show! - The Future

Young Chicago Authors (YCA) presents The Encyclopedia Show, brought to you by the quirky minds of poets and producers Robbie Q. Telfer and Shanny Jean Maney. The Encyclopedia Show showcases visual art, comedy, music and spoken word on topics picked at random from the encyclopedia.

This month's topic is "The Future," featuring: Derrick Brown, international heart-throb and founder of Write Bloody Press, on cryogenics; Sharrieff "Il Subliminal" Muhammad, an Illinois Arts Council grant recipient for music on 1984, 2000 and the history of the future; Jai Henry and Katy Myers, from The Minneapolis Henrys, on flying humans; Deja Taylor, Louder Than A Bomb All-Star and upcoming HBO documentary subject on Nostradamus/Madame Cleo; Bill Telfer, inventor of the board game "Ghost with the Toast" and an extra in the Blues Brothers, on Astro the Dog; Allison Daniel, puppet master, on quantum leaping; Lamar “The Truffe” Jorden and Charles “Big C” Smith Jr., on the robot holocaust; Myk Martello, from the Nothingheads, on THE dance craze of 2057; J.W. Baz, individual World Poetry Slam finalist, on the future warfare of the past; Mike Landis on Star Trek (The Next, Next, Next Generation); and Paula Varjack, German performance poetess, on the 2016 Olympics. Returning cast members include Kurt Heinz, from, as Fact Checker; Dan Telfer, stand-up comedian, as Apprentice Fact Checker; Tim Stafford, HBO Def Poet; Joel Chmara, HBO Def Poet; Evan Chung, leader of the house band, The Encartagans; and Jilted Emily Rose, poetry vet and house manager, as Jilted Emily Rose.


Recorded Wednesday, April 01, 2009 at Chopin Theatre.

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