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You crazy kids! Video, audio and photos from a night to remember

The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup.‚  No. Big. Deal. It's great to have championships back in Chicago. The city comes alive. The energy is contagious. Last night I wanted to roll til 5am. Blogs be damned! Luckily, I got some good tape watching ABC 7's Ben Bradley trying to do a live-stand up. It was humorous. Not as humorous as the dude dancing on the bar to Gangsta's Paradise, but funny nonetheless. That brought me back home to edit. Ooooh work, you win again. I ran into WBEZ's Tony Arnold covering the story in the West Loop. I followed him around a bit thinking I might have some footage for a documentary on a reporter trying to get the story. But every time Tony tried to get an interview with someone, a television station's camera-light would turn on a few feet away and the crowd would just run to it. Literally run. I need to get one of those lights. Not for work, but for play. Imagine all the friends I would have if I had a TV light. My troubles would be over. If you want to see what it is like to be 'that guy' who bum rushes a reporter's stand-up, I give you this: And memo to the crazy fan: When you are being interviewed by the media, try to say something more than "this is awesome" or "I'm excited" or "HAWKKKKKS! (vomit)." Like for instance this gentleman. He excitedly gives us not only his name, but where he works and of course, what he likes to eat: Audio and finally, a photo. For a Blackhawks' fan - nothing goes better with the Stanley Cup than your best girl. Maybe this will be the new Times Square/1950's picture that steals America's heart?

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