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Israel launches ground offensive in Gaza

Israel says its primary target in Gaza are the tunnels used by Hamas fighters and others to gain access into Israel and smuggle weaponry. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said air strikes had failed to halt the continual rocket fire into Israel, and that Israel had "exhausted all other options." Hamas has condemned the ground invasion, warning that it will carry “consequences which haven't been calculated." In the meantime civilians have been caught in the middle. One Israeli civilian has been killed. The U.N. estimates that at least three-quarters of the more than 260 Palestinians killed since the recent crisis began are civilians, including at least 50 children. The humanitarian situation on the ground in Gaza has been deteriorating. Chris Gunness, a spokesman for UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency gives us an update on the humanitarian situation inside Gaza. (photo: An Israeli tank moves into position near Israel and Gaza border, Friday, July, 18, 2014.(AP Photo/Dusan Vranic))

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