‘Karl Marx City’ Explores Secrets And Surveillance

‘Karl Marx City’ Explores Secrets And Surveillance

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A common German saying from the Soviet era was that if three people in East Germany sat down together, at least one would be an informant for the Stasi, the notorious secret police that oppressed, harassed and spied on East Germans.

Filmmaker Petra Epperlein was born in Chemnitz, then called Karl-Marx City. She left after the Berlin Wall fell, but remained haunted by the possibility that her Father may have worked for the Stasi.

In her documentary film Karl Marx City Epperlein chronicles her search for the truth.

Epperlein and her co-director Mike Tucker joins WBEZ Film Contributor, Milos Stehlik to talk about making the film.

Karl Marx City is showing at Facets Multimedia April 7-13, 2017.