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'Rescuing Jesus' Takes On Changing Evangelical Culture

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Journalist and author, Deborah Jian Lee, left Christian Evangelicalism because she was demoralized by its conservative politics. But years later, she's discovered that Evangelical culture and politics are changing, and changing fast. 

Lee's friends no longer vote based on wedge issues. Believers of color have changed church demographics and church politics. Women are rising in the ranks. LGBT Christians are coming out and issues like global AIDS and the environment have become priorities in many Evangelical congregations. 

Young people are returning to evangelicalism. Lee joins to talk about her discoveries and her new book, Rescuing Jesus: How People of Color, Women & Queer Christians are Reclaiming Evangelicalism

Also joining us is Archbishop Lazar Puhalo, a retired hierarch of the Orthodox Church in America, abbot of All Saints Canadian Orthodox Monastery in British Columbia and publisher of Synaxis Press. Archbishop Lazar believes that hyper-moralism is mostly responsible for negative perceptions about Christianity. He speaks out about the persecution of LGBTQ people by Christians and the need for fundamentalist Christians to understand the science behind gender. His book on the topic is Neurobiology of Sin.

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