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Roundtable on Open Borders

The threat of vulnerable borders is a fear many politicians use to their advantage when it comes to advancing an agenda. In the U.S. most Republicans speak about the potential devastating risks of having weak security around our borders, and often accuse Democrats of wanting an open border policy. However, the concept of having an open border is a position that most democrats don't actually support for a number of reasons. Why then are Democrats labeled as a party that supports and promotes open borders? To better understand what open border policies really entail we talk to Bryan Caplan, a Professor of Economics at George Mason University and co-author of  the forthcoming book Open Borders: The Science and Ethics of Immigration, Ze Garcia-Puga,  a member of the Moratorium to End Deportations Campaign and author of Desirable Undesirables, and Yasmin Nair, a freelance writer, editor at large of Current Affairs, activist, and academic.

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