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Saudi Arabia's balancing act with the Islamic faith

Saudi Arabia has been in the news a lot lately. Although it’s still early in the investigation, some news reports suggest it’s possible at least one of the San Bernardino killers may have begun to have become radicalized there. Germany’s vice-chancellor just accused the Saudi’s of financing Islamic extremism in the west. He’s warned it must stop. However, the Saudis still adhere to a strict Wahhabist faith, some say as a way to exert control. The young cosmopolitan elite in Saudi Arabia may not like the conservative ideology, but they may not have the power base to confront the religious authorities. We discuss the current situation with Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl, a professor of law at UCLA law school. He’s a leading Islamic law and human rights scholar. (Photo: Flickr/Elias Pirasteh)

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