The Dominican Republic prepares to deport Haitian-Dominicans | WBEZ
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The Dominican Republic prepares to deport Haitian-Dominicans

In 2013, the Dominican Republic's (D.R.) Supreme Court ruled that people in the country born between 1929 and 2010 to non-citizen parents did not qualify as Dominican citizens. The decision stripped thousands of people, many of Haitian heritage, of their nationality. The government then passed legislation requiring all undocumented immigrants to either register or face deportation. The Haitian government accuses the D.R. of racial profiling. Chicago area Haitian-American activists are lobbying Illinois lawmakers to take a stand against the deportations. The activists say the Haitian government is committing “human rights abuses”. We’ll look at what local Haitians are doing to draw attention to the issue with Patrick Brutus, head of the Haitian American Professional Network in Chicago and Max Louis, a Haitian American involved in local efforts. (Photo: Flickr/B.C. Lorio)

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