Trump: Income Disparity, Oligarchy and Racism

Trump: Income Disparity, Oligarchy and Racism

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Political scientists are reflecting on this year’s presidential election result.

In a recent Op-Ed on the election, political scientist Jeffrey Winters wrote about what he called the “white backlash” in the 2016 election. He said the central question to be answered now is,

“…whether Trump’s victory represents a desperate – but ultimately futile – attempt to extend race dominance or the beginning of a long and ugly battle by whites who would rather risk bringing the system down than allow it to change…”.

Winters is the founder and director of Northwestern University’s Equality Development and Globalization Studies (EDGS) program and the author of Oligarchy.

Eddie Glaude, professor of Religion and chair of African American Studies at Princeton University, is the author of Exodus! Religion, Race, and Nation in Early 19th Century Black America. Glaude also wrote in an op-ed on race and the election, where he wrote,

“What fundamentally organizes this country is the belief that white people matter more than others. This belief saturates our social, economic and political lives. It is baked into who we take ourselves to be as Americans.”

Winters and Glaude join us to talk about issues of race and identity in the U.S.