Worldview 6.15.12

Worldview 6.15.12

Egyptians gather to protest military rule in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt on Friday. (AP/Pete Muller)

Friday on Worldview:

Egypt’s supreme court has declared last year’s parliamentary vote unconstitutional just two days before Egyptians are supposed to vote for a new president. The court has called for the dissolution of the lower house of parliament and new elections. Cairo-based journalist Ashraf Khalil joins us from Tahrir Square to discuss what this decision could mean for the future of the country.

Then, Worldview film contributor Milos Stehlik tells us why we should ignore the advice of some critics and catch one of the Billy Wilder films playing at the Music Box.

And, on Weekend Passport, the segment where we help listeners plan their international weekend, we head deep into the heart of Scotland for The Scottish Festival, complete with Scottish sausage, whiskey and games.