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Kissing the Concrete - Snap Spotlights "Ear Hustle"

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Snap leaves San Quentin State Prison with the Ear Hustle Podcast and then goes back inside to hear stories from Prison Reception.

Content Advisory: This episode contains graphic descriptions of violence. Listener discretion is advised. 


Kissing the Concrete

Snap finds freedom with Ear Hustle. Two men transition from prison back into society and find out who - or what - is waiting for them on the outside. 

Excuse Me On The Tier

Snap goes under lock and key with Ear Hustle. Everyone entering the prison system must pass through Reception, to learn the ropes and discover what’s really behind the walls.

A big thanks to Tevin Fournette, aka Cutty, and Ronnie Young for sharing their stories about leaving prison with the team. You can hear more of Cutty’s music here. Thanks as well to John “Yahya” Johnson, David Ditto, Talib Brooks, Louis Brackett, and Jeff Atkins for sharing their experiences inside Prison Reception.

Artwork by: Atwan Williams 

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Ear Hustle comes to us from PRX’s Radiotopia and is produced by Earlonne Woods, Nigel Poor, Rhasaan “New York” Thomas, John “Yahya” Johnson, Pat Mesiti-Miller, and Bruce Wallace. This episode is scored with music from Antwan Williams and David Jassy. Senior Producer Curtis Fox, Digital Producer Erin Wade, and Executive Producer Julie Shapiro.

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